frea king musicsnake production

FREA KING | Founder, CEO, Producer

Frea King is an entrepreneur and founder of several successful media publications and businesses. He is the owner of the music-focused YouTube Channel “Frea King” which has gained over 61 thousand subscribers and 12 million views within its first year of existence.

As an experienced entrepreneur Frea is equipped with the knowledge necessary for building and developing a sustainable business from scratch. As a musician and blogger Frea understands the importance of having a consistent flow of high quality work that develops the representation of the brand.

Vera Chimera MusicSnake production

VERA CHIMERA | Chief Videographer, Director

Vera Chimera is an award-winning director, videographer and editor. Having worked on hundreds of media projects Vera feels like a fish in the water in her industry and can confidently tackle any format and setting presented to her.

As a resident of the YouTube Space in New York Vera constantly works with the top media clients in the industry. She is focused on producing high quality content and building long-lasting work connections with her clients.